About Us

The Bless Employment Agency was established in the year 2001 with a strong confidence of ours. It is a licensed agency managed by professionals with training backgrounds with in a span of short period.Ours had become one of the most established and reputable agencies in Singapore. We have always been proud of the fact that satisfied homeowners who have engaged the Bless Employment Agency is referred to a substantial percentage of new customers. We are specialized in recruiting qualified foreign domestic helpers to Singapore as per our culture with total customer satisfaction, the foreign maids are from Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Mizoram. We provide our fresh maids with adequate training and counselling sessions. Our maids are trained to meet up to the expectations of their employers such as housekeeping, cooking, babysitting, childcare, care of disabled and elderly persons.We too involve in the placement of skilled or semi-skilled technicians, general workers, unskilled general workers, construction workers, foreign nurses, foreign IT personnel and foreign engineers.

VISION: At Bless Employment Agency, Customer Satisfaction is our prime concern. We hope to be able to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient services.To build the Bless Employment Agency as the dominant brand in the maid industry, we offer the best match to your needs. And thereby we become a pillar of confidence of our customers

MISSION:The Bless Employment Agency is committed to provide its customers an excellent service. We ensure the right domestic helper for your needs, as our purpose is to provide the best professional match for your family and your corporation. We also try to understand the unique requirements of each customer and provide him with the right candidate for his/her households. We are bound to provide our customers with services that meet their needs and expectations.

“Quality and Good Service is our Best Business”         Lic No: 09C5544          Reg No: 52959379C          One of the Best Agency in Singapore!

CORE VALUES: Professionalism can be defined as doing something in a perfect flawless manner and in an Appreciable Manner. In Bless Employment Agency professionalism plays a very vital role. Responsibility of our staff gains the confidence of our customers. Our responsible attitude gives our customers a strong sense of Security and Safety. We take pride in our work because we are highly specialized and trained manner. This is what we define as Integrity. This gives us a reputable image to maintain in the service industry. Our customer's delight is very essential to us. The customers delight -yours satisfaction is our Chief concern. Bless Employment Agency staff are always acting with dynamic and prompt efficiency. We serve our customers in such a way that their satisfaction is guaranteed without any doubt.

ACHIEVEMENTS:We have pile of records of providing quality service to our customers. We are totally committed to a clear communication and co-ordination. We believe our success in business is built on relationship and rock foundation of faith and trust.