Age: 40yrs old, Date of Birth: 16/08/1976

Height: 152 Cm Weight: 59 Kg

Religion: Christian

Nationality: Indian

Place of Birth: Kollam, Tamilnadu

Marital Status: Married

Children : 2 ( 22yrs - G & 18yrs - B )

Educational Level: 10th Standard

Spoken English: Poor

Written English: Little

Other Spoken Language: Malayalam & Tamil

Other Written Language: Malayalam

Complexion: Tanned

Clealiness: Clean

Preferences: Baby Care, Child Care, Aged Care, Cooking & House Keeping

Experienced: Babuy Care, Child Care, Aged Care, House Keeping & Cooking

Remarks: She has Own Exp. in her Family and willing to work as a Domestic Maid. Able to take care of Babies, Children & Aged Persons.. She can do south Indian Cooking (Veg & Non Veg) and willing to learn more to do. She is able to do the House Works as per the Employers instructions. She is Active and Hard working type of a maid.

Her Salary is S$ 400 with One Day Off. ( Exclude 3 Day Off Compensations )

Profile of the Domestic Worker

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