Age: 37yrs old, Date of Birth: 30/01/1981

Height : 153 Cm, Weight : 60 Kg

Religion: Buddhist

Nationality: Myanmarese, Place of Birth: Maubin, Myanmar

Marital Status: Married

Children : 1 (6yrs)

Educational Level: 13yrs ( College/Degree)

Spoken English: Little

Written English: Fair

Other Spoken Language: Myanmarese

Other Written Language: Myanmarese

Complexion: Fair

Cleanliness: Clean

Preferences: Baby Care, Child Care, Cooking, House Keeping & Aged Care

Experienced: Baby Care, Child Care, Old Aged Care, Cooking & House Keeping

Remarks: She has Own Experienced in her Family and trained as a Domestic Helper . She is willing to take care of Babies, Children & Old Aged Persons. She can do Myanmar Cooking (Veg & Non-Veg) and willing to learn more cooking to do. She will meet the Employers requirements and she can do the Normal House Works as per the Employers instructions. She is independent, Active and Hard working type of a maid and willing to learn the unknown jobs from the Employer for to do.

Her Salary is S$ 450.00 with One Day Off a month. ( Exclude 3 Day Off Compensations )

Profile of the Domestic Worker

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